Our Weight Management Health Care Services

Helping our patients reach a healthy weight is important to us because how much you weigh affects your health.

When you come to see us, we look at your overall health. If you are not at a healthy weight, we'll talk about how much you should weigh. Then we'll help you choose a weight loss plan that's right for you.

Your personalized weight loss plan will start with an eating plan that's healthy for your body. We'll help you find simple ways to increase your physical activity. We may recommend use of a product such as Unicity Balance, a natural weight-loss drink we use ourselves. If medication makes sense for you, we'll suggest it. And we can help our patients who are seriously overweight better understand the risks and benefits of weight-loss surgery.

Why Weight Management Is Important to Us

We're focused on helping our patients achieve healthy weights because we've seen how losing weight improves their lives.

When people are overweight, they can feel tired and run out of breath easily. They can have trouble sleeping. Sometimes, they avoid social gatherings, or family and friends, because they are embarrassed by their weight. And weighing too much can increase their risk of major health problems like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, joint pain, and arthritis.

Please call us today!

We know that losing weight — and keeping weight off once you've lost it — is not easy. But we can help, not just by giving you health advice, but by listening to you as well!

To make an appointment with us at Cathy Hart Family Medicine, please call 832-585-0095.


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