We're pleased to offer people with depression Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation ("TMS") Therapy in our offices.

We often recommend TMS Therapy when depression medications don't make you feel better or the side effects make medication difficult to take.

Answers to questions people frequently ask about TMS Therapy:

How well does TMS Therapy treat depression?
TMS Therapy makes 1 in 2 people feel significantly better after four to six weeks. It makes 1 in 3 people feel free of depression symptoms.
Has the FDA approved TMS Therapy?
Yes. We use NeuroStar TMS Therapy, which the FDA cleared as a safe and effective treatment for people who have not been helped by a depression drug.
How does it work?
TMS Therapy stimulates parts of the brain less active in people with depression. It uses magnetic pulses like the ones made by MRI machines.
What is treatment like?
You'll sit in a chair with a small device resting lightly on your head. You'll be alert and awake, and can go back to your normal activities right afterwards.
How long does treatment take?
You'll need 5 treatments a week, each of which lasts 37 minutes. You'll need 4 to 6 weeks of TMS Therapy to feel better.
Are there side effects to TMS Therapy?
About 1 in 20 people feel pain or discomfort during TMS Therapy. This typical occurs during the first week. There are no other side effects.
Does insurance pay for TMS Therapy?
Two health insurers pay for TMS Therapy in Texas right now. These insurers require people to have taken three depression drugs before they will cover the cost of treatment. We'll help you figure out if insurance covers your care. People may also pay out of pocket for TMS Therapy.

Dr. Hart also provides depression care in The Woodlands at New Hope TMS Depression Therapy.


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